The music of Angelus Echeverry seeks to draw the listener into a sound-world which orients itself toward contemplation

of the sacred and the mystical...of Holy Mystery...of Divine Love...of God. 


As a Benedictine monk, hospitality is dear to my heart. So, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you. 

My hope is that this website may be a 'sanctuary' of sorts for you, where you may visit from time to time, to listen some, read some, and perhaps avail yourself of something for your community, your church, your choirs, or your own personal use, be it printed scores of liturgical or concert music, or downloadable audio files and other media. 

Music can refresh and restore the spirit. I hope some of mine may do so for you. 

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Blessings of peace...

"Ave Maria" for Mixed Choir and Organ



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A composer in the monastery...

Thoughts on music and composition from the perspective of the cloister.

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